2/16/2018 Be Kind to Someone

2/13/2018 Your Last Day

2/12/2018 Be you

2/11/2018 First Day of the Week

2/10/2018 Be Still and Wait Upon the Lord

2/8/2018 Profanity from the Tongue

2/8/2018 Must Hear This – Thank God

2/8/2018 Be a Blessing

2/7/2018 Do NOT let man define you

2/7/2018 Stay ABOVE the line

2/6/2018 Live in PEACE

2/5/2018 Give it ALL to GOD

2/5/2018 Master of the impossible by Tish Hagee Tucker

2/5/2018 Trust in GOD

2/2/2018 Keep your Faith in the Storm

1/30/2018 Less news Less Stress

1/29/2018 Feed your mind

1/28/2018 My First Podcast


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