Chia Seeds

I am reading a book by Christopher Mcdougall called “Born to Run”. I have learned quite a bit from this book and also opened my eyes to barefoot running. Before running the San Antonio Rock & Roll Marathon last month, I ran into Brian with Altra shoes. He is an ultra runner and has some great shoes online and in select stores. I mentioned the book and he stated that he had read it and lives for Chia seeds I then went to Vitamin Shoppe and bought 2 bags for a total of $15. I now use it in my oatmeal in the mornings and really do feel better throughout the day.
Do any of you use Chia seeds? I also heard of Chia Tea do any of you use it?
Also, if you have the book Born to Run, you will have read about the Tarahumara corn beer… Wish they sold that in stores, anyone know how to get some?

Merrell Trail Gloves

Been running in the Merrell Trail Gloves for the last few weeks and still trying to figure out the best way to incorporate them in my workouts.  I have had some knee issues but not sure that I can point the pain to the Merrells.  I started out with minimal miles and try to wear them daily when I am out and about to help strengthen my muscles.  Will keep you posted with further info on these minimalist shoes.