Running for God

I have been running with the U.S. Flag in San Antonio for many months now. Many have asked why I do it. Not really needing a reason but I have many. First faith in God needs to be introduced into the American culture again. It seems that we have deviated away from the basis of what this country was built on God and freedom.  Pull out some cash in your wallet – do you see the word God on there?  Well YES! let’s get back to the days our forefathers fought for!  I am a Veteran and have put my life on the line for our freedom and sadly many want to disrespect our God and our country. Did you know God gave his son Jesus to die on the cross for your sins?  Could you imagine giving your son to die on the cross for your friends sins????  We need to wake up and take action…

Why I Run

I have been an avid runner since 2011 thanks to my coworker and friend Ronald Barnes.  He inspired me to begin running as he began to rack up more and more marathon medals.  I also credit my ole neighbor Michael Proscelle as he gave me insight to the Tarahumara tribe of Northwestern Mexico who run for days and are known for eating Chia Seeds and drinking Corn beer (see book “Born to Run” written by Christopher McDougall).

Since 2011, I have ran 3 marathons (26.2 miles) and 1 half-marathon (13.1 miles).  I am so blessed to be able to run as I know many cannot.  So, I have put together a list of the reasons why I run below – feel free to comment below if you have any other reasons why you run:

  • Helps me release stress from the crazy world we live in.
  • Energizes my brain to allow me to think of other ways to strengthen my life.
  • Builds me up spiritually as I speak to the heavens about what I am thankful for and pray for those around me.
  • Strengthens me physically allowing me to run at a continuous pace as I age.
  • I run for others that are going through pain – such as today I ran for a friend of mine who just lost his Mom to Cancer.
  • I also run for America and hope and pray this country gets back to its root by trusting in God! I was challenged to run over 90 miles in August by a friend (Jon Maxwell) and could not turn it down lol… Instead of just running 90 miles I ran while carrying the US flag.  I was so inspired by the people I came across appreciating my dedication.

So tell me below why you run… Thanks for reading and God Bless you!