Orion Ultra Surfside Beach Galveston, Texas

14 Oct 2017 Surfside Beach near Galveston, Texas – Race Director Rob Goyen with Trail Racing Over Texas

Wow just wow!  This at first seemed like it would be a fairly easy course – you would just need to deal with the sand.  Well as ALL races seem to have their own challenges this one is the books as one of the hardest I have done.  I congratulate all of those that attempted this one!

The heat and humidity increased quickly as the sun came up.  The views were awesome and the staff and volunteers were the best of the best.  But for me the conditions worsened and I was in no mood to eat nor hardly drink.  I just wanted ice and one of those famous Gatoritas (Blue Gatorade and ice)…  I ended up drinking like 5 of those at the end!  I was in heaven!

I ended up calling the race just after I attempted to start on my 3rd 20 mile loop.  I made it out about a mile and my body was not having it.  So I turned around and dropped out.  I was satisfied with my performance and that’s all that matters.  Truly it is you who must find the satisfaction in all of your performances.

Here is a quick video to recap the race:


Blazing Sevens 777 Trail Race 7IL Ranch

This race was ran for Jacob Fetterolf who was hit by a car on one of his training runs in Austin, Texas. He is an Ultrarunner who finished the Capital Coast Relay solo running from Austin to Corpus Christi, Texas over 200 miles. The car ran a red light going over 50mph. Jacob by the grace of God survived. He broke both of his legs and is in recovery. Please continue to pray for him. I ran with him last year at 7IL Rach the Habenero Hundred a great guy and very friendly. This race I just ran is nothing like Habenero as it includes two more courses the Red and Orange – the Purple is the Habenero trail. These three courses are challenging to say the least. Hope you enjoy the video. Thank you Robert Goyen Trail Racing Over Texas for putting on such a great and challenging race!