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There is no hell? Cornerstone Church San Antonio, Texas Sunday 8 April 2018

Below is the sermon from Sunday “THERE IS NO HELL?” by Pastor John Hagee


This week the world was stunned when the global media carried the report that the Pope said,

“There is no Hell!”

The Vatican was shocked and quickly scrambled to report that he was misquoted.  There are 1.2 billion precious Catholic souls who believe that every word out of the mouth of the Pope is the voice of God.


I doubt that America has heard a sermon on hell over television in 20 years.  It’s going to happen Sunday morning.  i will make the Bible’s case for the place called hell and give every person present the opportunity to escape through the saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Make an effort to bring someone dear to you who is lost and without Christ.

Next Sunday, I will speak on the topic “The Seven Wonders of Heaven.”  I have a deep foreboding in my soul that we are going to see the King of Glory very soon.  Are you and the members of your family ready?  I’ll see you Sunday.

Pastor John Hagee