A New You!

As I reflect on the last 27 years since my Moms passing in a tragic helicopter accident in Mesquite, Texas, I know that I am blessed to have known my Mom when so many do or did not know theirs.  We must stop living in the past and wake up and get to work.  Our time on this Earth is limited and we have such greatness awaiting us in heaven.  Our job here is simply to share the good news and save souls bringing as many souls as we can with us to eternity.

Stop allowing man to hold you back from your purpose.  Be you!  Don’t be like others as you are here for a purpose!  You have greatness in you!

Material things mean nothing as they will rust away.  Live your life with your heart loving others even when you may be laughed at or hated.  God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son Jesus for our eternity!

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