Sutherland Springs Texas Keep Them in your Prayers

Please continue to Pray for Sutherland Springs, Texas! This is my first video post since my return from there on Friday. I have so much more to share but it is too emotional for me right now.

The book of Job 2017 is coming alive…

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Prayers for Sutherland Springs, Texas

What an emotional day! So much to talk about but just wanted to share this prayer request coming from the community today – Please pray that the news media leaves as it’s just too overwhelming for them to morn when someone is knocking at their door asking the same questions that have already been answered. This is a very small town and have minimal resources. Please be considerate of the people that actually live their so that they can resume their daily activities. Prayers are welcomed and peace to morn and recover is needed.

I was able to run over 11 miles in the shape of a Cross today with many stories to share. My prayers are with the community as they morn and recover from this tragedy. May God Bless them during this trying time.

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Veterans Day 11 November

As Veterans Day approaches Saturday, we must reflect on our past and appreciate what our Veterans have done and thank them for the sacrifices they have made and continue to make for our freedoms in America.  This day gives us the opportunity to show our appreciation for their courage and dedication.  Take time to appreciate the Veterans in your life.  They are patriots who were willing to risk their lives to preserve our freedoms and keep our country safe.

The American Flags have been placed on Stone Oak, San Antonio, Texas and are located at Stone Oak and Canyon Golf for Veterans Day. Thank you Veterans! and thank you Dixie Flag & Banner Company for donating the flags for our Veterans and community.  Below is a quick video of the flags – music “Weep no more” by Canton Junction of Cornerstone Church


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