You are breathing for a reason…

Sometimes it is hard to understand your purpose and what your life is really all about.  Some are blessed with a great family structure built on the word of God but many like me come from a broken home and a past of many trials and tribulations.  I like many had to go through many of these trials and tribulations before I really opened my eyes and ears to know that God has been by my side all along.

Never use your past as a reason not to change your future.  It seems like a never ending cycle for many that say well my parents did this and did that so that’s the reason why I am the way I am and I blame them for where I am at.  NO!  You are here on purpose and you can change you as no one else can – DON’T use your past as an excuse!  Wake up and get to work on you!  Only use your past as a learning tool to help you so that you can help others.  Never be afraid to share your testimony – God allowed those trials and tribulations to help you so that you CAN help others.

We are so blessed to live in this day and age!  We have so much especially here in America!  We are not spoiled but blessed by God.  We have so many tools accessible by so many gadgets.  If you are struggling to find your purpose, simply pray a simple prayer to God (his door is always open but many do not use it – why I don’t know he is waiting) and ask him to use you for his glory.  You have certain talents that God has blessed you with for a reason so incorporate God in what you are good at and you will begin to see and define your purpose.

Blessings, Rod


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Protect our children today Texas! You can make a difference!

I just called Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives Joe Straus pertaining to Senate Bill 6 and the phone rang once and was answered by his assistant as the speaker was on the floor and was unable to speak. He stated that they have received many calls from Cornerstone Church! THANK YOU ALL!!! Please call your Representative today – he stated we have until Thursday! Thank you again and GOD BLESS YOU!

Call your Texas State House of Representatives to PASS BILL 6 today!

Joe Straus (R-Speaker) 512-463-1000

Byron Cook (R-Chair) 512-463-0730

Helen Giddings (D-Co Chair) 512-463-0953

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Texas Bill HB2899

Do you want your kids sharing a bathroom with those unsure of their gender?  Of course not!  God created male and female.  Contact your state representatives and ask them to “Please pass HB2899 to ensure the safety of our public school children.”…

Email and call NOW!;;

Governor Abbott has called to ask us for our help. Put feet to your faith today by calling your Texas State Representative today and every day over the next several days. Encourage them to pass HB2899 to ensure the safety of our public school children. 

Call and email the House State Affairs Committee Chairs:
Joe Straus (R-Speaker) 512-463-1000
Byron Cook (R-Chair) 512-463-0730

Helen Giddings (D-Co Chair) 512-463-0953


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Why Choose Suicide?

I just saw this video pop up on my YouTube channel and it touched my heart. Please like, comment, and share it as someone may need to hear this message. Blessings

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Monday Motivation

It’s Monday! Another day that the Lord has made and we will be glad in it!  Never take each breath without reason.  Each breath you take is limited and a countdown to eternity that is if you call on Jesus as your lord and savoir!  Blessings that you all have a great week and know that this week is a special week where we celebrate the death and resurrection of JESUS CHRIST our Lord and Savoir.  With all the negative news out there lately I hope this video puts a little smile on your face.  Blessings yall!


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